The History of Saturn Cars

The Founding of the Saturn Corporation

The Saturn Corporation was founded officially on January 7th, 1985. General Motors was the parent company of this corporation, which unfortunately disestablished on October 31st of 2010.

Motor Trade Companies and Saturn

Because Saturn was such a highly respectable and reliable company, many companies within the motor trade business used these kinds of vehicles. Since this was popular, there was something called part time motor trade insurance for these kinds of companies. Part time motor trade insurance is for companies within the motor trade that use vehicles daily and is a part of the business. This type of insurance is to cover the cars you are working on, driving or using under your company's name. The reason for it being part time is because most of the ones using this insurance for their motor trade also have other jobs on top of this.

The Start of Saturn

While the Saturn Corporation wasn't officially founded until 1985, the Chairman of General Motor's made the idea of the Saturn Corporation public in 1983. In the summer of 1990, the very first Saturn S-Series vehicle was driven off of the lot in Spring Hill, Tennessee in the United States.

The One Millionth Saturn Car

The car model named Jasper from Saturn was the one-millionth car from Saturn, which was released in the spring of 1995. While Japanese automakers in the United States were quite costly at the time, Saturn still had a substantially higher cost than the Japanese market at the time.

The Japanese Market

After Saturn had entered the Japanese market, they started production on their L-Series, which was started in 1999, just before the new millennium. After 8 years since the turn of the millennium, many models of Saturn's were created including

Saturn Vue (SUV)

Saturn Ion (S-series replacement)

Saturn Relay (a minivan)

European Astra (replaced the Ion)

The Downfall Of Saturn

In late 2008, there were congressional hearings about the four major brands under the General Motors umbrella. These four brands are Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC. With these being the top brands, General Motors was focused on closing the four brands that weren't doing so well, with Saturn being included as one of them the other three being Pontiac, Hummer and Saab. In 2009, it was announced that the Saturn would play out until its final run of vehicles, which was in 2010.

The Penske Automotive Group

The Penske Automotive Group had attempted to buy the Saturn brand in attempts to revitalize and keep the brand on top. While they would not be taking over the factories, they would have just built the cars as normal but sell them as the normal Saturn's. This deal unfortunately fell through with General Motors and all of the Saturn dealers in the US were closed.

The Deal Termination

In September of 2009, the Penske Automotive Group finally cut off the deal with General Motors in attempts to take Saturn from under their umbrella. General Motors had then released a statement saying the Saturn would completely end production by October of the next year. While it ended a year before in October of 2009, in early 2010, GM offered a buy-back on the four main vehicles under their umbrella.

The Disestablishment of the Saturn Corporation

On October 31, 2010, Saturn was completely disestablished despite third party attempts. The list of the last Saturn's made during its downfall period are as follows

Saturn Astra

Saturn VUE

Saturn Outlook.

Saturn Aura

In late 2009, dealers stopped marketing and selling the final Saturn cars. After this, there were no other Saturn series, cars or models introduced and the company finally disestablished on Halloween of the following year.